Turkish Language

You may want to know....
Why study Turkish?

Turkish Alphabet

You have many reasons. For example;
  • Turkish is a critical-need language in the U.S. supported by four state agencies:
Dept. of State
Dept. of Education
Dept. of Defense
Dir. of Nat’l. Intelligence
  • Business partnerships with Turkey and the USA are steadily growing  

  • Numerous career opportunities already exist in technology, archaeology, computer science, ecological and environmental studies, public service, global professionals, and will grow with Turkey's ever increasing emergence as a central economic power.
  • Turkic languages family is the 5th most widely spoken language in the world. 

Turkish is spoken not only in Turkey but also in a vast geographical area where the United States has a strong national security interest.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             for more information, please click the link:  http://turkishstudies.org/turkish_in_the_us/language_instruction.shtml  

  • Turkish culture, cuisine and Turkey itself worth to be experienced!   
  • Turkish classes at HPS provide many opportunities to the students. (see below)       

What grade levels are taking Turkish in HPS?


What are the textbooks and curriculum?

Sevgi Dili Turkish-Introduction Textbook Set                                        Sevgi Dili Turkish 1 Textbook Set                                                                              Sevgi Dili Turkish 2 Textbook Set
Sevgi Dili Turkce-Introduction Set
Contains :                                                                                                                             Contains:                                                                                                                         Contains:
  • Student book                                                                           Student book                                                                                Student book
  • Workbook                                                                                Workbook                                                                                     Workbook
  • Teacher's book                                                                        Teacher's book                                                                             Teacher's book
  • Song CD                                                                                  Animation DVD                                                                             Animation DVD
  • Flash cards                                                                              Interactive CD                                                                               Interactive CD
  •                                                                                                Flashcards                                                                                    Flashcards


ACILIM Turkish has 6 sets in total and each ACILIM Turkish set contains: 
Student Book
Teacher's Book
Interactive CD
Unit Posters


LALE Turkish has 5 sets in total and each LALE Turkish set contains:
Student Book
Teacher's Book
Grammar Book
Student's Key Book (A kind of dictionary,Turkish-English)
Interactive CD
Video Lessons DVD

Turkish I Curriculum                                                                       Turkish II Curriculum                                                          Turkish III Curriculum
(Lale1 Units 1-8)                                                         (Lale Turkish 1 Units 9-12 and lale turkish 2 U 1-4)                           (Lale Turkish 2 Units 5-12)


Are these textbooks meeting the TEKS for LOTE here?

The books are written (in 2010 and later) for the countries whose native language is English.

They are sequential book series and based on interactive language teaching approach.

Matching up with both CEFR (common European framework reference and TEKS).

What are your assessments?

TESTS sent by Central Office:


  • Vocabulary Dictation Test (for each unit)
  • Teacher made tests and quizzes (Teachers can also evaluate in class activities -such as dialog role-plays-, student notebooks, projects, etc.)

What other resources I can buy for my child?

Different study books/DVDs/reading books/dictionaries written for teaching Turkish (sold by Amazon or ANT stores). For example: 

Books, Guides, Others

Online Courses

  • Dilsetus (Most of the teachers are already using  in the class)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Turkce okulu (not in service for a while)




 LOTE-T opportunities (to improve the target language and other skills) for students: 
  •     LOTE Language and Culture Olympiads  (singing, poetry, folk dance) 

  •       Annual T. Language Speech Contest in 3 levels + Elementary, and also Skit-sketch Contest

  •       Turkish PBL (Speech Contest Level 3-Documentary Flavored Video Contest)  

    2014 Speech Contest, Level 3 (PBL)-1st Place Winner

    2015 winner-San Antonio

  •       Study Abroad Summer programs
  •       Scholarships for the Study Abroad
  •       Cultural field trips and programs                                                                                                                                                                          (Most of the trips were cancelled or postponed because of the travel restrictions to the region this year. Please have a contact with your child's LOTE Turkish teacher for more information about the updates)